GTA Workshop

The GTA Workshop, required by Missouri state law {see Missouri Revised Statutes Chapter 170-170.012}, is designed to provide prospective graduate teaching assistants with a cultural orientation to help them become a more effective classroom communicator. The workshop will also provide resources to help manage their classroom and to better serve their students. 

All GTAs must attend the workshop before teaching at Missouri S&T. The workshop is held three times per year; January, May, and August. 

In special cases, departments may request an exception to the requirements by submitting a waiver form (GTA Workshop WaiverGTA Residency Waiver).


*A student must be admitted as a graduate student, earned at least a bachelor’s degree, and have documented competence in the area where they are applying as a Teaching Assistant. Any graduate student who did not receive both his primary and secondary education in a nation or territory in which English is the primary language may not serve in a teaching appointment during their first semester of enrollment. In addition, the student must demonstrate English proficiency, as defined in RSMo § 170.012.