Graduate Teaching Assistant Workshop

The GTA Workshop is a one day event offered three times per year, January, May, August. Upcoming workshop dates are: May 11, 2022, August 10, 2022, and January 11, 2023

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Department Chair or designee must submit the names of all prospective GTAs by completing the google form. 

The Office of Graduate Studies will contact the student and provide the link to the online application as well as information regarding the English Proficiency requirement. 

All students must attend the workshop in its entirety. 

This workshop will be held in-person in the Havener Center

Please bring your Student ID for check-in.

8:30-8:55           Check-In
9:00-9:05           Welcome & Announcements
9:05-9:45           GTA's and the Law & Academic Integrity
9:45-10:35         STEP UP Training
10:35-10:45       BREAK
10:45-11:00       FERPA
11:00-12:00       Cultural Orientation
12:00-12:45       Lunch Break
12:45-1:00         Check-In
1:00-2:00           University Teaching 101
2:00-3:00           The Other Side of Canvas
3:00-3:10           Closing Remarks